Why should You hire me?

Hi! My name is Kamil Glapinski and I believe I can take Appjobs to the next level as a VP of Marketing. Try me!

Important Achievements

  • building a recognizable brand in renewable energy industry in Poland,
  • ~70% reduction in the cost of customer acquisition during 3 years of working,
  • creating a stable and developing lead generation system,
  • almost 10x increase in revenues over 4 years.

Professional Skills

  • Managing marketing team,
  • Digital Marketing skills,
  • Crafting Brand Strategy,
  • Content Marketing,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • B2B / B2C Lead Generation,
  • OKR goal setting framework,
  • Servant Leadership.

Marketing Tools

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Google Analytics


Excel / Google Sheets



Final Cut Pro

DaVinci Resolve

Work Experience

Brewa.pl | Marketing Manager / Leader of Marketing Department

Nov 2019 – Present | Kalisz, Poland

I run marketing for the most interesting brand in the renewable energy industry in Poland.

Strategy – I co-create marketing strategy for Brewa company based on long-range vision and precise data, which are a foundation to making decisions. I use tools like Business Model Canvas and Four Decisions methodology (Scaling Up).

Management – I built a creative and effective team from scratch, and now I manage the marketing department, and I’m responsible for cooperation with subcontractors. I use the „Servant Leadership” methodology (by Ken Blanchard). What is more, we use OKR’s to measure our progress and to set goals. 

Digital Marketing – I have skills and experience with a widely understood digital marketing area, which is a core of my competencies. Among the tools and techniques that I used were:

  • PCC campaigns on:
    – Google Ads,
    – Facebook Ads,
    – Twitter Ads.
  • Content Marketing:
    – preparing articles and content-generating strategies with our partners and cooperators,
    – using lead magnets strategy as a one of lead generation technique.
  • Video Marketing (as one of the main elements of content marketing):
    – I am responsible for developing the biggest YouTube channel in Poland about renewable energy (among photovoltaic company-owned channels): https://www.youtube.com/c/BrewaPl
    – I know the entire process of creating video materials – from creating the concept and script, organising the recording, preparing frames, audio editing, editing the finished material, publishing and optimising titles and thumbnails on social platforms such as YouTube, Instagram or Facebook.
  • E-mail marketing (mainly with a Freshmail app),
  • SMS marketing (mainly with SMS Api app),
  • Web analytics:
    – For this purpose, I mainly use Hotjar, google analytics and excel/google sheets to process previously collected data.
  • Other activities:
    – press ads,
    – radio ads.

Brewa.pl | Marketing Specialist

May 2017 – October 2019 | Kalisz, Poland

Job description:

✅ Co-creating and implementing marketing strategy,
✅ Lead generation,
✅ Communication in social media (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn),
✅ Running PPC Ads – Google Ads / Facebook Ads,
✅ Content marketing – preparing articles and graphics which supports the sales department,
✅ Data analysis based on Google Analytics and improving sales funnel,
✅ Video Marketing – creating videos from scratch to publishing and promoting.

Meringer Ltd. | Digital Marketing / E-commerce Specialist

Aug 2016 – Apr 2017 | Kalisz, Poland

As a Digital Marketing Specialist / E-commerce Specialist, I was focused on the growth of an e-commerce platform dedicated to owners of gynaecological offices. I managed the offer on the website and optimised the user experience based on the collected behavioural data.

List of my duties:

  • Managing social media channels,
  • Developing of e-commerce platform,
  • Preparing and optimising Facebook Ads campaigns,
  • Preparing and optimising AdWords/Google Ads campaigns,
  • Video marketing,
  • E-mail marketing,
  • Copywriting,
  • On-site SEO.

Coffeeangel.pl | Co-owner / Marketing Manager

2015 · Less than a year | Kalisz, Poland

My first startup experience. I was responsible for the marketing area in e-commerce for high-end coffee lovers.

My tasks:

  • Preparation and execution of marketing strategy,
  • Managing social media profiles and creating + promoting our content.

Freelance Marketing Consultant

2015 – Present

I help companies get new customers and increase sales through digital marketing tools and channels.

More information: https://kamilglapinski.pl/en


Wyższa Szkoła Finansów i Informatyki im. prof. Janusza Chechlińskiego

2014 – 2017

Economics, Bachelor’s degree
Specialization: Banking and corporate finance

Contact me:

Phone: +48 606 669 689

E-mail: kontakt@kamilglapinski.pl

Social: My LinkedIn profile