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My name is Kamil Glapiński

I help small and medium companies to increase sales and get new customers through online channels by using modern digital marketing tools and techniques.

Besides climbing on „marketing summits”, I like to pack my bag, go on a trail, and reach new peaks in my free time. ⛰️ 🌲 🏔️

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I’m going to help you
take the first step
on a marketing trail.

Since 2011 I have been involved in marketing – firstly, I create my own projects, and later in a full-time job and as a freelancer.

I know that it is easy to get lost in the maze of complicated terms such as CPC, CPM, Lead Nurturing, Retention, Retargeting, Bounce rate, SEO, Content Marketing or Social Selling.

Are you looking for a guide on the marketing trail

…who will lead you and your company along proven paths, to the top, from where you will be able to watch the competition with satisfaction?

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I know how to plan your trip, starting with small steps. No big expense from day one. Without starting on a giant machine, that will take you a lot of time and resources.

I will adjust the plan of our marketing trip so that it is optimal for you and your company.

How can I help You?

  • Marketing Audit

    Have you been conducting marketing activities for some time (alone or with the help of an external agency), but you are not satisfied with the results?

    Let me analyze your activities so far and indicate which areas can be improved to attract new customers and increase sales of your company’s products and services.

    Sometimes a small change can significantly affect the effects – see if this will also be the case for you.
  • Optimizing website’s content

    For most businesses, the website is the central point of communication with customers. Therefore, the appropriate adjustment of the content to the preferences of potential customers is crucial in the process of making purchasing decisions.

    Your website does not meet expectations? I’ll help you change that and make it sell!
  • Marketing courses

    Do you want to run marketing activities on your own – in your own or another company – but do you need additional knowledge in the field of modern Digital Marketing?

    I have prepared two workshop internship programs:

    Digital communication – during the training, you will learn how to create a communication plan for your brand and why it is essential.

    We will walk you step by step through the tools that will allow you to understand your target audience and their preferences better, thanks to which your content will reach the hearts and minds of potential customers.

    In addition, I will show you a full range of potential communication channels and discuss their characteristics so that your company does not waste time and money due to poorly selected media.


    Facebook’s ecosystem for your business – Facebook is currently the most powerful social networking site on the Polish market. So knowing how to use its potential may turn out to be crucial for the development of your business.

    Find out how:
    – set up a company profile on Facebook,
    – create exciting content,
    – plan all communication within the website,
    – monetize the attention of your recipients,
    – build the credibility of your brand thanks to the use of functions available on Facebook,
    – create advertisements that will appeal to potential customers.
  • Managing social media accounts

    Social Media is a „must-have” in most industries – without a properly maintained profile in social media, you significantly limit your chances of reaching current and future customers.

    For years, I have been running company profiles on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

    Your company does not have a social media account yet?

    First, we will verify which social platform will be the most optimal for your industry, and then I will prepare an action plan that will allow you to reach the right audience.

    Do you run a profile/profiles on social media, but you do not have satisfactory results, or do you just have time to deal with it?

    I will help you maximize the effects, and I will deal with communication that matches your brand’s style.
  • Ads Campaigns:
    Facebook Ads | Instagram Ads | Google Ads

    Do you want to get results in the shortest possible time? Then, the most powerful advertising systems available on the Internet come to the rescue.

    An adequately prepared and optimized campaign will allow you to multiply the pace of your company’s development.

    So far, I have run advertising campaigns for a total amount of over PLN 600,000 (as of August 2021), and I have made all possible mistakes on the way to understanding which mechanisms work most often.

    Thanks to this, you do not have to pay for this expensive lesson. Remember, however, that each industry and location has its own specificity, so time is always needed for testing and calibrating the optimal group of recipients and the message.

    Therefore, I always inform my clients that in most cases, the first 3-6 weeks are a period without any spectacular effects (although there were times when they did).

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